We all like what we like for different reasons, but sometimes we find products that are just so good they have to be shared. We’ve tried to highlight some favorites in the area of pediatric and adult equipment.  If you have something you think should be featured, please contact me, and we’ll try to include it.

Pediatric Equipment

Corner Chairs and Seating

The LadyBug Corner Chair strengthens trunk muscles and encourages use of arms.

Infants can use the Bumbo Seat – easy to find in stores.

Pre-Wheelchair Devices and Trikes

Tumble Forms Ready Racer
is fun for pre-wheelchair mobility.


Magician Standers are for sit to stand positioning.

The Wenzelite Marvel Free Stander comes with a great work space/tray.

Rabbit Mobile Standers and Rifton Dynamic Standers provide mobility while standing.

The Kidwalk by Prime Engineering allows children to initiate their own ambulation while providing a lot of support.  It is technically a gait trainer.


The Quickie GT is one of the lightest aluminum frame wheelchairs in the world.


The Standard Gator Gait Trainer folds for easy transport.


Walk Easy carries a variety of forearm crutches.

Thomas Fetterman is home of the shock absorbing, non-slip Tornado tip.

Every Kid Mobility offers custom crutches in different patterns and colors.

Parallel Bars

Therpay Pals, Inc. offer customized, wooden parallel bars that can adjust as your child grows.

2 Responses to “Equipment”

  1. Robin Miller says:

    Thank you so much for your blog site! I found your Utube on cone enemas very helpful. My daughter has sb and is 2.5. We just bought the cone emema you suggested. I am currently looking for a toilet chair that will allow me easy access to her bottom. I was wondering where you got the toilet chair you use for your daughter? Thank you again for your wealth of information!! Any help on the toilet seat would be so appreciated.
    God bless,
    Robin Miller

  2. Annie Beth says:

    The toilet seat is a Rifton. We talked to the equipment company through which we bought our wheelchair, and they presented us with some options. The rep came to the house to check out the size of our bathroom, etc. Once we decided what we wanted, we ordered it and got letters of medical necessity from our PT and maybe one of our doctors, to convince the insurance company to pay for it.

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