Underwear and Diapers

Pull Ups are a standard for kids that are too old for diapers but still need the protection. 

A discreet alternative to Pull Ups, Underjams are cut lower to avoid peeking out from your waistband. 

Gerber training pants work well for the child that is dry, with only the occasional leak.

Dri Days and Dri Nights by One Step Ahead provide more absorbency than Gerber training pants.  They are somewhere between underwear and a diaper, and are washable/reusable.

An excellent cloth diaper for long term use, Fuzzi Bunz are high quality and come in larger sizes.

2 Responses to “Underwear and Diapers”

  1. Heather Giese says:

    One Step Ahead also has what they call Dri Days and Dri Nights. These are like washable training pants and are waterproof. Look like underwear but give a little protection. The range from 4.95 to 6.95 a pair.

  2. Annie Beth says:

    Thanks! I’m not familiar with those. I’ll go check them out online and add them to the site.

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