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Finding clothing that fits and is flattering can be a chore.  Here you’ll see some tips to find the most durable, kid friendly clothes.


Length, length, length.  Longer shirts are flattering because they lengthen your torso and don’t allow your underwear or diaper to peek out from the back.  Smaller children can wear onesies or bodysuits up to size 4t.  The Children’s Place on Amazon offers reasonably priced, larger sized bodysuits.  You can also find dressy ones at Gymboree , or you can shop Target or Walmart and find casual bodysuits up to size 24mos.  If your older child feels comfortable in a one piece shirt, you can find them in any size by searching for leotards (I know it’s a dance suit, but it still works as a shirt).  If the snaps are out, try Shade Clothing‘s girly line.  T-shirts and camisoles are made longer for modesty.  Fortunately, long is in right now, so Mossimo and Cherokee (Target brands) have quite a few trendy tops that are generous in length.


A classic solution to solving diapering dilemmas is to use overalls or shortalls.  Negating the “peek” issue, they also make a good cover for when there are “poop” issues.  Miralax sending squish up the back?  A thick overall will help keep the leaks in.  Depending on the season, you can find these anywhere, but a good bet is Wal-Marts baby/toddler section.  Just look for the denims.  If you’re not into overalls, Old Navy and Gap carry all their jeans in adjustable waist.  Make it tighter to avoid a gaping waistline.


What can we say?  Crawling will rip through anything.  Leggings are a must if you are wearing shorts or a dress.  No one wants skinned knees, or flashing bottoms.

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