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We all like what we like for different reasons, but sometimes we find products that are just so good they have to be shared. We’ve tried to highlight some favorites in the area of pediatric and adult equipment.  If you have something you think should be featured, please contact me, and we’ll try to include it. Pediatric Equipment Corner Chairs and Seating The LadyBug Corner Chair... read more


The preschool years are often referred to as “the magic years” because of the growth children experience during this time.  Their personalities emerge as they master the use of their bodies and gain awareness of themselves and the people around them. Developmental Milestones The biggest development that occurs during the preschool years is in the area of social and language... read more


As your baby enters into the toddler stage, you will continue to face some of the same challenges you faced during the first year of life.  You will also begin to experience new challenges, while hopefully developing past some of the issues that were present at birth. Developmental Delays Most people with spina bifida are born with average cognitive abilities.  Others may experience some... read more


A lot of things happen in a child’s first year of life.  For children with spina bifida, the first year can be even busier than that of a typical child.  Here you will find some of the issues you may encounter during those first 12 months. Skin Breakdown (Diaper Rash) Even before you leave the hospital, skin breakdown can be a problem.  A combination of antibiotics and loose stool can... read more


As I transfer pages from the old site, I will copy them here as blog posts.  This will make them easier to search for and find. Detection in Pregnancy Spina bifida is usually detected in pregnancy by a detailed fetal ultrasound, or by an Alpha-fetoprotein (AFP) test.  Abnormally high levels of AFP can indicate there is a neural tube defect.  Typical babies only excrete AFP into the amniotic... read more