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Signposts Ministries

My husband was out of town for a while, so my time on the internet has been limited.  However, a very important thing happened last week… I put in the mail, the articles of incorporation for Signposts Ministries, Inc.  What is that, you may ask? Signposts Ministries is the answer to our prayer for guidance on what to do about turning the LA website into a non profit.  While I know and love the... read more

On Medicaid and Poverty

A friend of mine filed for bankruptcy the other day.  She is a lovely person with a lovely family.  Both of her children have special needs.  Ironically, she is a special needs teacher in an elementary school.  Through no fault of their own, her family has been put in a terrible financial situation.  Insurance doesn’t cover a large percentage of the tests and equipment her sons have to have. ... read more

Case in Point

So.  After discussing access to supplies and access to care yesterday, we had quite an ironic event occur.  This morning my youngest child ran into the kitchen table and needed to go to the emergency room for stitches (another post in itself).  While in the emergency room, we got a call from my MIL, reporting that our daughter with spina bifida was complaining with UTI symptoms.  Never a good thing. ... read more

Transferring Pages/ Thoughts on Access to Supplies and Care

Today I figured out how to transfer information from one site to the other. It’s quite simple to make a new page and copy the text. However, I still need to go back in and insert all the links. I only attempted to do the Travel page, since it only had one image and was not a parent page for a bunch of other categories. So. Now we have a page with travel tips for people with disabilities. ... read more