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My husband was out of town for a while, so my time on the internet has been limited.  However, a very important thing happened last week…

I put in the mail, the articles of incorporation for Signposts Ministries, Inc.  What is that, you may ask?

Signposts Ministries is the answer to our prayer for guidance on what to do about turning the LA website into a non profit.  While I know and love the spina bifida community, there are many more children and adults in our world that are affected by other chronic health problems.  God let me know that while the LA site would still be an integral part of what we do, he wanted me to expand the vision of ministry to other populations.  He is a big God that can do big things.

So.  We are officially moving toward being an incorporated non profit.  Forming the board, bylaws, and applying for tax exempt status are our next steps.  Serving the spina bifida community will still be a large part of what we do.  In fact, it may be the majority of what we do at first, since that’s the group I am connected to.  However, I don’t want to limit what we can do and who we can serve.

One thing I am looking forward to is having the funds to pay people to write articles and content for the LA website.  We will also start taking referrals in the near future to help those of you who may need equipment or procedures that insurance won’t cover.  Wooo!  I’m excited.  And of course, I want to see families connecting with one another, gaining support and information.  I want to see people being educated about their health.  I want to see people having their needs met.  And I want to see people finding spiritual truth in the free Bible studies and devotionals that we will offer.

3 Responses to “Signposts Ministries”

  1. linda wright says:

    this is wonderful – my 11-yr-old grandson has spina bifada + and my daughter and I have struggled to find support and information with the limited time we have between working and caring for Zachary and his brother, and a very limited budget, after my son-in-law left the home. We will be checking out your site. Thank you!

  2. Annie Beth says:

    I’m so glad you found the site. Starting next Monday, we’ll have at least one post/article a week that is written by a professional freelance writer. The rest f the time I will continue to do updates. So, if you check in at least once a week, you should always find new content.

  3. sharon salvadore says:

    My grand daughter is in great need of shoes that fit over her braces. It’s been very hard to find help on the net…. where to go, what is best for kids… your site has been very helpful. Thank you.

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