Call for Support

We have had a very busy week. I hope this week will be normal. Or at least normal for us. We have an MRI and an orthotist appointment, but that’s pretty much par for the course…

To be able to have a non profit, I’m really going to need to have some dedicated people with me to become part of the “corporation”. Incorporating is, I think, the first step. Once incorporated, you have 20 something months to file for tax exempt status. When you have tax exempt (501c3) status, I believe you have to have a board that helps make decisions and regulate things within the non profit. The board is often, but not necessarily, elected. It depends on whether or not your non profit decides to have members.

Wow. I can tell it’s too late for me to be writing anything coherent. I’ll be back tomorrow with a fresh brain.

5 Responses to “Call for Support”

  1. Carol Hartman says:

    What can I do to help?

  2. Annie Beth says:

    Hey mom. :) I may draft you as a “board member” when I start to incorporate.

  3. Carol Hartman says:

    OK! :)

  4. You should at the very least have a elected governing board, that makes decisions on the way your non profit should run and make decision on the day to day operation, especially if you start receiving donations and\or there is any money that changes hands for the benefit of the non profit. You need to have by-laws. I have been involved with three non profits (Knights of Columbus, Youth boxing club and a dance company) and that is the way they are and how they were set up.
    Any assistance i can give let me know.

  5. Annie Beth says:

    Thank you for your reply. I may have some questions as we move forward with all those formal meetings and motions. This past Saturday we did get a group together to form a board. We elected officers and opened a checking account. I need to finish the application for tax exempt status as soon as possible. I need to read Robert’s Rules of Order to make sure we follow procedure. If it were up to me, we’d all be shouting out ideas without making motions and running off on errands without approving anything. And you could forget keeping up with the minutes. :)

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