Transferring Pages/ Thoughts on Access to Supplies and Care

Today I figured out how to transfer information from one site to the other. It’s quite simple to make a new page and copy the text. However, I still need to go back in and insert all the links. I only attempted to do the Travel page, since it only had one image and was not a parent page for a bunch of other categories. So. Now we have a page with travel tips for people with disabilities. I’ll try to get the links up tomorrow. One of the most important links is to a downloadable booklet put out by FEMA and the Red Cross. It lists steps to ensure you are not caught without sufficient medical supplies in a time of displacement. It seems we’ve had a lot of natural disasters recently- the flood in Arkansas being one of the most recent. Ever since hurricane Katrina, I’ve been struck by how easy it is to take for granted the blessing we have here in our little home in North Carolina. We always have catheters to use, and in the event of an infection, we can easily be prescribed antibiotics and start taking them in the same day. What if these medical supplies were not so easy to access? What if we lost everything we had, and there was no where to buy replacements? What if we had to go for days or weeks without the basic medical supplies we need? There are people facing these questions every day. Sure, when we have a disaster such as flooding or earthquake or fire, we lose access to basic necessities for a while. New Orleans was a horrific picture of what happens when mass numbers of people are unable to have their needs met. Many suffered and many died. There are people in other countries that face these conditions every day. There is someone in Africa that has spina bifida. They need a clean catheter, but go without. If they are blessed, they may have one that they have been reusing for the past year. They pray for no infection, because antibiotics may be difficult to come across. And when we’re talking about your bladder and kidneys being compromised, the end result can easily be death. As I walk into my pantry that is stacked with boxes and boxes of catheters and individual lubricant packages, I can be thankful that I have a clean cath EVERY SINGLE TIME we need one. Several times a day. Thank you God, that I live in a place where I am able to have these things. Let me be concerned about my brother, who by being born in a different location, may not have the things I have. Love your neighbor as yourself- but who is your neighbor?

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  1. Carol Hartman says:

    I’m rooting for you, as you develop your new site and grow this ministry. I can’t think of anyone who would do a better job! : ) It’s exciting to see it develop and I know it will be a blessing to many. Love you!

  2. Anna says:

    I have this kind of thought too. And you know why? My son was born in Ukraine 4,5 years ago.And regarding the Health Department Ukraine is not much better then any country in Africa.The doctors found out that my son had birth defect the day before the labor.And they didn’t know exactly what kind the defect it is.So they forced me to delivery my son vaginally, because they don’t allow sick kids to be born alive in Ukraine. They were hoping that he will die at the time of delivery. My son was born breech and his SB was ruptured and he get the infection.And we where told that he will die in 24 hours and if he will survive then he will be like a vegetable.We were asking about the medicine that could help him, but they said “Don’t spend your money.He will die anyway.You will have other kids, you don’t need the sick one.” But we did everything for to help him to survive. The Ukrainian Doctors doesn’t know anything about the VP shunt, catheterization and other things like this. My son didn’t get any surgery till we came in United States when he turned 1 month old.Ukrainian doctors just waited for his death. He was very sick in that time with severe infection in his brain and spinal cord an hydracephalus. Thank to Mending Kids International foundation! They saved our son! With a help of God of course!!! We always will be thankful to our God that he let us came to this country! But there is many sick kids in other poor countries who can’t have such a good medical help like in United states.So this is the very sad reality! Sorry for my mistakes! I’m still not very good in English.

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